How may I help you?

Ask shoppers what they want and let them respond in their own words.

Communicating directly with shoppers allows you to provide the best possible service and product recommendations—and turn prospects into customers!

Chat POS

Ring up order in Pagato.

Create an order in Pagato by adding items to a cart on behalf of the customer. When you're done, copy your checkout link and return to your chat window.

Chat checkout

Send checkout link to customer.

Upon opening the link, the customer is able to review their order and securely submit payment. Frequent customers can also elect to store a card on file for easier checkout next time.

Order Confirmation

Receive payment notification.

When an order is paid, we’ll automatically notify you via email and push notification so you can follow up with the customer and fulfill the order.

Get started selling via chat.

No credit card required—and no fees on your first $1000 in transactions.